WIDOW’S ROCK N ROLLIUM @ Brighton Fringe 29/05/2023

Frances Widow has gathered the fiercest, captivatingly bizarre, and beautifully odd misfits to bring you, alt.circus, sideshow cabaret, Widow’s Rock n Rollium.From the dive bar to the stage, these rockers shock and amaze! We were prepared to witness edge of our seat feats of danger, spectacular displays of strength, dances with pain, and acts of unapologetic, anarchic revelry. Hosted by the show’s namesake, Frances Widow, it featured acts from Eve Elle, Sin City Sideshow, Kali Viridis, and Kelsey Bell.

What people said:

“Amazing performances for Brighton fringe🖤 Big thankyou to all the performers for entertaining us and having us other edge of our seats 🖤🤘💀 – sixxgunzredd”

“THE PERFECT BALANCE OF SASS AND SCARES” – Brighton Fringe audience member

Full Gallery:

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